Lately it has been observed that many persons involved into the hobby of collecting and painting miniatures show signs of a new so far unknown disease, the Figmentia. In this publication the authors try to achieve the following goals:

  • Enable the reader to make a medical correct diagnosis of Figmentia.
  • Give the patient the feeling not to be alone.
  • Enable the patients relations to develop a understanding for his problems.
  • To make this knowledge about Figmentia public to get more people interested in the research of this fascinating disease.

Now let us define the term Figmentia.

Figmentia (fig-men’sha) 1. An irreversible deterioration of one’s intellectual faculties with accompanying mental disturbances resulting from an obsessive compulsive indulgence in the miniatures hobby. 2. The state of believing in the corporal and sentient nature of miniature figurines. Origin: the term was first used by Bob Lippman on themini-painter mailing list as an amalgam of “figure” and “dementia”.

Victims of Figmentia are often found in so called gaming stores or are gathering at so called conventions around some colored toy soldiers.

A number of common signs of Figmentia will follow below, but there are more terms to introduce that are closely related to Figmentia.

Figmata (Fig-mah’ tah) 1.The appearance of wounds upon the hands, feet or upper thighs due to the painting of miniature figurines. Often accompanied by discolorations of the thumb and fingers (pigmenta) and characterized by the belief that the infusion of blood into the painting process will increase the potency of the miniature. 2. The appearance of wounds upon a person who interferes with the miniature painting process. 3. The physical signs of Figmentia. 4. An exclamation made by miniatures hobbyists upon injuring themselves while converting miniatures (especially while in the presence of their underage issue) as in: “oh Fffff…figmata!” Origin: the term was first used by Peter Blackwell on the mini-painter mailing list as an amalgam of “figure” and “stigmata”.

Modern science attempts to explain these injuries as the result of the accidental mishandling of X-Acto knives, Dremels, or sharpened weapons on the miniatures themselves. Many religions, however, believe this to be a sign or omen from the Miniature Pantheon.

Victims of Figmentia or Figmata are also often called Miniacs.

We are sad to say that so fare no cure has been found against Figmentia. It is rumored that marriage with children or getting a real job after college did help in some very rare cases.

Parapsycologists have also encountered the phenomenon of Paintergeists. These are figmented persons who can’t find their peace in afterlife until every miniature in their collection has been painted.

To know if you are a figmented person you should check with the following symptoms and when you find out about new symptoms of Figmentia please dont hesitate to submit them.