Drew Williams

Drew Williams

Just unlurking to announce that my VIP3 is slipped into the VIP3 photo section if anyone wants to see. I couldn't afford enough time to put in the detail I really wanted to (I really shouldn't have stopped to do it at all!) but I had to stay a part of the VIP after all. I'll be lurking for your comments, or you could just e me directly if you want.



Nicely done! Is it a goose or a duck? Neck seems a bit long for a duck. Legs seem a bit short. Otherwise it looks great, like a goose charging out of a farmyard to chase off intruders. Great action!

How tall is it? Seems like it would be a good characterful addition to a halfling army :-)



Size: ? It looks tiny. How big is it?

Pose: Attacking, running forward, waggling, shouting defiance, to bravely chop away at some heads... er, make that shins.

Body: It's a fairly simple design but the effect is good. It looks like it comes from a cartoon. The "skin" finish looks a little rough and the feathers are a little stiff though. I like the pose of the legs. It makes it look like it's both running and waggling.

Head: Great! Neak stretched to who or whatever it's shouting at. Quite expressive.

Details: Fairly basic but that looks good for a "comic" design.

Conclusion: I rather like this mini. Simple design but very effective. It's really expressive the way it's charging toward it's opponent. Hmm, considering the season, perhaps it's an idea to make a turkey companion to it?

Bye, Ming-Hua

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Kamui K writes...

OMG! That's a great one! Looks like someone drank a bad
polymorph potion. lol Reminds me of that chicken status you get sometimes in Guantlet
Legends Video Game. Man, I wouldn't mind getting this little guy in my collection.

Funny work there. And great piece for a comic look.

Alex Bates writes...

I like it! Very humorous figure - would have great uses in a
Tunnels and Trolls game. The eyes are a little too bulbous for
my taste, but they work well on this figure. It brought a great
big smile to my face :)